Medical Marijuana’s Unlikely New Florida Savior Is 64-Year-Old Larcenia Bullard

By Tim Elfrink

via Florida Senate

The new face of Florida pot reform

If you’d told Larcenia Bullard 35-years ago – back when she was teaching school kids for a living — that she’d one day use her lofty platform as a Florida state Senator to advocate for marijuana reform, she would have banished you to the principal’s office. “I would not have possibly imagined that to be true,” Bullard says, laughing. “It was not an issue I’d given two thoughts to before.”
Yet today Bullard – a 64-year-old woman who spent last year toting an oxygen cart around Tallahassee because of heart problems — has become the unlikely hero of the Sunshine State’s budding cannabis movement. When Bullard sponsored a bill last week that would give voters a chance to legalize medical marijuana, bringing pot reform bills to both the Senate and House for the first time in three decades, her phone started blowing up with support.
“I’ve been shocked at the number of people calling and promising to come to the capitol to talk about how medical cannabis has helped them,” Bullard says.
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