Bill Calls for Inclusion of PTSD in State’s Medical Marijuana Law | Navy SEALs Blog

Rep. Jim Masland of Vermont has introduced a bill that will amend the state’s medical marijuana law, in order to include the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The bill, according to Masland, was introduced at the prompting of constituents who were using marijuana to treat PTSD symptoms.
The medical marijuana law in Vermont took effect in 2004, which allows people who are suffering from a list of debilitating diseases to use medical marijuana, with the recommendation of their health care provider. At this time, there are 411 patients and 68 caregivers in the medical marijuana registry in Vermont.
Rep. Masland shared: “I understand that these unnamed individuals, at least a couple, haven’t been able to find relief any other way or at least this is the best way for relief… So I would say they are quietly, surreptitiously using marijuana, but they would much rather do it legally.”
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