Mary Jane, You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Jorge Cervantes

World famous cannabis cultivation expert and author
When I published my first book — Indoor Marijuana Horticulture — back in 1983, there was no way to know how much things would change in the next three decades.
Back then Ronald Reagan was President of the United States, M*A*S*H went off the air and no one had ever heard of Vice President Bush’s eldest son.
In the realm of cannabis things were quite primitive in comparison to today. Poll numbers for legalization had dipped below 25% in the midst of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign. And general knowledge about cannabis growing was barely existent at best and confined to a relatively small group of people.
What information there was on growing was mainly misinformation. I realized a lot of people were just out to make money instead of giving people solid information on cannabis horticulture. That’s when I decided to start writing about it.
My goal was to apply good, simple information; information that was easy for people to understand. But I didn’t just write from my own experience. I talked to other growers about their experiences and found out what they knew. And in listening, I learned so much.
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