Roger Christie: Marijuana Political Prisoner of Conscience

Roger Christie for Mayor 2008

A well-known public figure, Hilo gadfly Rev. Roger Christie ran for mayor of Hawai`i county — twice — on a Cannabis-libertarian platform


The priorities and actions of the so-called justice system in the United States today are so misplaced and abused that it has colored the entire process as systemically corrupt.
I was moved and made acutely aware of this in July of 2010 when a familiar figure in the Big Island community was arrested in what the government billed as a huge drug ring. That person was  Roger Christie — along with the “Green 13.”
We all knew Roger was involved with Cannabis. He was a well known activistand he had signs advertising the THC ministry on main street in Hilo for most of the last decade.
I also know Roger fairly well.  I have known him for at least 25 years, and had been to the THC ministry a few times. Roger had even offered me help one time when I ask for it. This was not a huge drug ring as the government claims. It was a small town marijuana dispensary operating openly and serving medical patients and members of the THC ministry—that’s it.
So why did the government spend two years and millions of dollars to arrest a guy they could have walked up the stairs and arrested any day of the week? I am convinced they saw him as a threat to their policy on marijuana. People were not only listening to him—they could see he was right. More on that later.
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