Hemp study bill could open doors for Colorado industrial hemp production

By William Breathes
Representative Wes McKinley wants to save the earth with hemp, and not in some philosophical, hippie-dippy way either. Through a bill he has introduced this session that would study how hemp plants clean contaminated soil, McKinley is hoping to eventually revive industrial hemp production in Colorado and the rest of the country.
House Bill 1099 wouldn’t legalize hemp farming outright. If passed, it would authorize the chairs of the agriculture, livestock, and natural resources committee in both the House and the Senate to appoint a seven-member committee to study the process of phytoremediation, a fancy term for a simple process. You see, hemp plants suck up contaminants and radiation in the soil — and it’s been proven to work in places like in Russia, where they’ve been used to remove soil contaminants from the Chernobyl disaster site.
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