New attitudes to Hemp enable an agricultural comeback

With an ever-changing need worldwide for different products over the centuries, agriculture moves on with demand. Some crops, for a variety of reasons, became less favorable to farmers and were not produced in many places; one of the victims was the Hemp plant, a once favorite crop by farmers worldwide due to its diversity of use. Since history has been recorded, hemp has been a popular crop grown by farmers from China across to Europe and Britain. Hemp production was banned in many countries and this resulted in a big gap in the fiber market, so other crops had to be found and cotton seemed to fit the bill.
Originally the issue was related to the psychoactive components of some types of marijuana. Without a clear direction and no way to lawfully distinguish the non-THC hemp from the psychoactive version marijuana there was confusion which caused many governments to ban the production of all types of hemp plants.
Hemp Turned Out to be a Lot More Benevolent than They Realized!
Hemp with a high psychoactive content turned out to be a good treatment for a number of the symptoms of some common disorders; and has not brought about the death and destruction that was once suggested it might. There are a range of other substances that in reality did fill these shoes as evil destroyers, including alcohol and tobacco. When cannabis was banned in the last century, opium, one of the most addictive substances known to man was still legally available!
There is a different view from the medical profession these days.
With government attitudes being changed by better education and research, hemp production is now actively encouraged again. With growing non-THC hemp legalized again, production has risen dramatically. With better research and more modern approaches, there has been much development in the hemp industry consequently this amazingly useful plant can be utilized in eco-friendly and sustainable building materials, plastics, fiber to make clothing and other soft products, and one of the most useful components of the plant – Hempseed.
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