Parents give son, 3, pot for cancer treatment

Michelle Tuzee
LOS ANGELES (KABC) —¬†At 3 years old, Cash Hyde has spent most of his young life battling cancer.
In May 2010, he was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. Cashy, as he is affectionately called, spent 10 months at a Salt Lake City hospital enduring high-dose chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.
His tumor was inoperable, inextricably wrapped around his optic nerve.
Cashy’s father, Mike Hyde, said he was so sick, he hadn’t eaten in more than 40 days. He was so sick, he was vomiting eight to 10 times a day and couldn’t lift his head off his pillow.
“They asked us six to seven times if we wanted to quit efforts and just let him go,” said Cashy’s mother, Kalli.
Cashy’s parents made a radical decision. They asked Cashy’s doctors to take him off his anti-nausea and pain medications.
Instead, Cashy’s parents turned to cannabis oil, made from marijuana. It’s a substance that is illegal under federal law.
Kalli Hyde, a registered nurse, and her husband began sneaking the cannabis oil into Cashy’s feeding tube. They did not inform Cashy’s oncologist.
Cashy’s appetite returned. The couple says Cashy slept more and appeared to be in less pain, all of which seemed to help the boy endure the grueling chemotherapy.
“Within 2 weeks time, Cashy was off all those drugs. He was sitting up in bed eating, he was laughing,” the father said. “The doctors and nurses told us that it was a miracle and amazing.”
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