Marijuana could help US Navy Veteran

Robert says that medical marijuana could help his neuropathic pain.
Robert Jackson is a native Arkansan, and he’s one of the many people whose life would be made liveable with medical marijuana. Born in 1975, he grew up in Jacksonville and served with the Navy Seebees for 8 years. His tour of service ended in 2002 with the construction of a fleet hospital on Guantanamo Bay.
A year later, while doing landscaping work with a tree crew, an entire 10,000 pound storage shed collapsed on top of him; OSHA later declared the structure unsound. After a Bobcat removed the debris pinning him down he was in the hospital for two months recovering from a destroyed L1 vertebrae.
With his broken back, Robert is now 100% disabled, wheelchair bound, and engulfed in neuropathic pain 24 hours a day. The traditional narcotics prescribed to him caused painful constipation and stole his appetite. In desperation Robert turned to something that he remembered had calmed him in his youth—marijuana.
The effect was profound. The marijuana eased Robert’s cramps, helped him to keep food down, and allowed him to stop taking the drugs that were causing him so much discomfort on top of his chronic pain.