Do mothers know best when it comes to war on drugs?

Article Tab: Diane Goldstein of North Tustin, a retired Redondo Beach police lieutenant who is working to support the Moms United to Stop the War on Drugs movement.
In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, Diane Goldstein ofNorth Tustinwas busy all week with media interviews to support the Moms United to End the War on Drugs movement.
Goldstein, a retiredRedondo Beachpolice lieutenant with almost 22 years of service, has also been a member of the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition , or LEAP, since 2010. She lectures across the country and throughoutOrangeCountyon behalf of the group, advocating for legislative change in drug laws and the legalization of cannabis.
LEAP was just one of several organizations to support the Moms United movement as it kicked off a press conference rally Wednesday on the steps of the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse.
Moms United  members hoped the press conference would create a Mother’s Day media blitz centered on their message about ending drug prohibition.
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