Stop war on medical pot

As an educated, conservative housewife and writer with fibromyalgia, I may not seem a likely medical marijuana candidate. Yet, 15 months ago I went from debilitating pain, migraines, panic attacks, memory issues, depression and exhaustion, to fully functioning in just days.
But Riverside County has been cracking down on dispensaries (“Medical marijuana dispensary raided,” April 4). For a month, I lacked access to medication, reverting to my former agony.
A doctor recommended an FDA-approved drug for $3,000 a year. Its possible side effects include suicidal thoughts, coma and death. I declined.
My current dispensary lacks a sense of safety. Marijuana tincture is difficult to find, so I’m forced to restrict doses.
If people were denied access to popular medicines, there would be an outcry. In desperation, I now expose myself to ridicule, but I want to know how Riverside County will offer safe access to a natural medication mitigating my fibromyalgia symptoms without side effects, addiction, or financial struggle.
I want the public educated about the medicinal value of a plant so stigmatized I can’t advocate it without hearing pothead jokes.
Riverside County, help me out.
Jessica Bradshaw
Lake Elsinore