Prominent Milwaukee couple proposes legalizing marijuana

By Colleen Henry
One prominent Milwaukee couple is making a pitch in a documentary to not only legalize marijuana but to turn it into a cash crop grown in Milwaukee.
Their argument: America has spawned a criminal class by prosecuting pot users, creating a hopeless cycle of poverty.
They believe legalizing marijuana and producing it could transform Milwaukee’s economy, taking it from Brew City to Bud City.
Popular culture has long captured the stark contrast between the high life of America’s elite tokers and the lowdown on the inner-city smoker.
“There are many, many myths regarding the idea of marijuana. The documentary is being created to dispel those myths,” Mary Freeman said.
Freeman is the founder of the Milwaukee Yoga Movement that brought yoga to inner-city schools, and she’s a daily marijuana user.
“It’s a peaceful drug. It’s a creative drug, a drug that takes away all kinds of pain,” Freeman said.
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