DEA Wants To Scan All License Plates On Utah Interstate

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 The DEA Wants To Monitor I-15

in SW Utah For Drug Activity

Do you drive on Interstate 15 Utah? If so, your license plate may be scanned by the feds. Apparently, the DEA and some Utah sheriffs want to scan all the license plates on cars that drive along the ‘drug corridor.’ They feel that if they can compile the data, they can spot drug traffickers. The list of problems with this policy is growing exponentially.
According to The Salt Lake Tribune , Utah Senate President Michael Waddoups pointed out that, “It’s not against the law to drive down I-15 from Utah to Nevada to gamble, but there are a lot of Utahns that would be pretty embarrassed by that.” How would that look? A law abiding Utah citizen is traveling to Nevada for entertainment on a frequent basis, and they become a suspect in a drug investigation.
What about the people that drive along that corridor for work? Will there be some type of exemption process? How would the DEA and local law enforcement even keep up on such a thing? A person gets a new job, drives down I-15 for a week straight, then ends up on the DEA watch list. How is that an effective use of resources? It seems to me like this policy would harass far more law abiding citizens than it would catch drug runners.
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