Kuwait – Marijuana ‘Grown’ In Homes To Meet Local Market Demand

Asked why marijuana is so attractive to youth, the source said it clears up the mind and helps one think clearly. He doesn’t consider it as intoxicating. “It is a strong anti-depressant.”

KUWAIT CITY, May 29: Hemp, the plant from which marijuana is produced, is cultivated indoors by some drug users in Kuwait.
The source who revealed this to the Arab Times under conditions of anonymity is a youth, a regular marijuana smoker himself.
He has been using marijuana since the age of 16. He procures marijuana from his friends who cultivate the hemp in their villas indoors.
However, as indoor cultivation is not a very dependable source of supply, he and his friends often buy “the stuff” that comes through a chain of drug peddlers whose origin is never really known.
An ounce of marijuana costs about KD 500 in Kuwait, the source revealed. “Of course, there are grades in quality, and I am talking about the best quality.”
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