Congressional Candidate Steven Wilson celebrates Hemp History week with American Innovators and Visionaries, Part Two

BY Missouri Statesman
Westphalia, MO—6-12-12—This past week from June 4th until June 10th was the 3rd annual Hemp History week.  It is now a tradition for a small but growing number of Americans.  Its goal is to educate people around the world about what industrial hemp can do for all people.
In 1900 at the Paris Worlds Fair Rudolph Diesel introduced a new engine to the spectators.  To their amazement, the engine block did not run on petroleum.  The engine block ran on peanut oil.  Rudolph Diesel actually built the engine to run off of seed oils like that of vegetable and hemp.
In 1941 Henry Ford introduced a new car to those interested in American innovation.  The car had been built on his large estate and had been named “the car which grew from the soil”.  The car was built from industrial hemp.  The engine ran off hemp diesel and the car parts made from hemp fiber materials.  The car body itself was ten times harder than steel and weighed 2/3 less than steel.  Henry Ford believed in the safety of hemp fiber board so much he let a sledge hammer test his theory.  The sledge hammer lost.
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