Ex-police chief says new solutions needed in ‘war on drugs’ in Metro Detroit – Bill Dwyer says legalizing certain drugs could decrease violent crime, jail populations

Bill Dwyer
Former Farmington Hills and Warren police Chief Bill Dwyer is saying leaders need to find new solutions to stopping drug use and crime in Metro Detroit.
Dwyer says the “war on drugs” simply is not working.
“There just has to be a way,” he said. “We’re not winning the war at all on illegal drugs in this country.”
Dwyer’s home is filled with newspaper headlines of his exploits busting drug lords back when Coleman Young was Detroit’s mayor. Dwyer traveled to Columbia and Mexico to break up cocaine labs. He was a general in the local drug war. He was convinced it was the right answer.
However, after nearly 50 years, Dwyer says the profits are too high, the willing pushers are too plentiful and the junkies are too prevalent.
“I think you will see in the very near future marijuana legalized here as it has been in other states,” Dwyer said. “I always believed it was a gateway drug to other drugs. I’m not sure that it is anymore.”
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