Political Activist Randy Credico Smokes Pot in Capitol to Protest Biased Arrests for Pot

Manager, Media Relations, Drug Policy Alliance
Earlier this week, political activist and comedian Randy Credico engaged in a novel protest and civil disobedience inside of the New York State Capitol building: he smoked a joint. Credico’s protest was aimed directly at the Senate Republicans, who killed a smart proposal to expand the state’s current marijuana decriminalization law. The sensible proposal to reduce the ghastly number of costly, biased and unlawful arrests for marijuana possession was introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo and enjoyed the overwhelming support of both drug policy advocates and law enforcement officials from across the state. After learning of the Senate Republicans’ plan to kill the bill, Credico took action: he went to the Capitol, lit up and smoked a joint in the door way of the Albany Times Union, located in the press area.
I talked to Credico, who said, “I did this to protest the inhumane action of the NYS Senate who refused to pass legislation which the Governor and Assembly proposed.” Credico, who is mulling a run for mayor of New York City, is vehemently opposed to current stop and frisk policies conducted in New York City, which resulted in the arrest of over 50,000 individuals last year.