How Hemp Can Solve the Population Explosion

By: Mike Fata

Jack Fields | Photo Researchers | Getty Images
“An estimated 70-80 percent of all agricultural land use, or 30 percent of the planet’s land surface, is used for livestock production. Consider how many more people would be fed if transitioned those acres used for animal feed to crops like hemp. The yield from the field would feed more people, and the time to bring food to the grocery shelf is drastically shortened.
Hemp is one of the most versatile crops in the world. For food products, only the hemp seed is used. The rest of the plant — the stalk or fiber, can be used for clothing, building materials or energy. Thus, transitioning fields from animal feed to crops like hemp produces a wide variety of products to support our growing population. Plus, crops like hemp are far more likely to sustain a population than crops seeded for animal feed.”
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