Senator moves to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — A Louisville lawmaker unveiled long-shot legislation Thursday to legalize marijuana for medical purposes in Kentucky, a state where police mount huge campaigns each year to cut and burn clandestine pot crops.
Sen. Perry Clark, D-Louisville, said he wanted to get an early start promoting the legislation to make marijuana available by prescription to cancer patients and others who would benefit from the “miracle plant.”
The legislature isn’t scheduled to reconvene until January.
Clark called for other Kentucky lawmakers to help him “end this folly” of barring people who are suffering from being able to use a drug that could help them.
“The concept of prohibition of a medicine that you grow with a seed that you put in a garden is an anathema to freedom,” he told supporters who gathered Thursday afternoon in the Capitol Annex. “I say it’s time we get brave. We educate. This is a liberty issue to me.”
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