Medical Marijuana Raid on U.S. Hemp Family at Superstition Mountain Residence

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July 16, 2012
Sheriff Paul Babeu
Pinal County
Sheriff’s Office
971 Jason Lopez Circle
Building C
Florence, AZ 85132 520 866 5133
Re: Formal Criminal Complaint Against Pinal County Officials
Sheriff Babeu,
On the morning of July 10, 2012, I noticed a Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) vehicle at my neighbor’s house. Several hours later this same Deputy Mark Osinski #1421 and another heavily armed officer knocked on my door and brought my wife and I out into the 108-degree Arizona afternoon.
Deputy Osinski advised us that he was going to conduct a search of my garden for marijuana and ordered us to come with him to my garden. When we got to the garden Deputy Osinski started taking photographs of my plants and telling me that I am only allowed 12 marijuana plants. I explained that I had not counted any of my plants because they were immature and had not started flowering or showing signs of sex change. Deputy Osinski and the other officer laughed and made a condescending remark about plants having a sex. I realized neither officer had knowledge of the language of proposition 203 or the cultivation of medical marijuana.
I explained and showed the officers that these immature plants did not fit the legal definition of useable marijuana. I showed the officers the several plants that were also dying and had died in the heat. I explained that the vegetation was incidental to the cultivation of my medical marijuana needs. 36-2801. Definitions (c) Marijuana that is incidental to medical use, but is not usable marijuana as defined in this chapter, shall not be counted toward a qualifying patient’s or designated caregiver’s allowable amount of marijuana.
Deputy Osinski’s armed backup declared in a challenging and intimidating manner that he had just counted 36 plants. I explained that the 36 plants he thought he counted were limbs of only 6 immature plants that had been beaten to the ground in a March hail storm and recovered by branching out, but with only one root system.
Deputy Osinski condescendingly joked about my medical condition. and as the deputies were leaving, Deputy Osinski mockingly thanked me for allowing him to photograph my cannabis plants as if I had given these heavily armed deputies permission to invade my privacy again and take photos of my property.
What Deputy Osinski brought to my home was an intimidating and provoking attitude, lies, ignorance, and deadly force with a hidden history of criminal behavior. Deputy Osinski told us that he came past our remote residence because he was interested in buying the house next to our neighbor. Deputy Osinski was clearly attempting to convince my wife and I that our neighbor had complained to police about my plants.
I spoke to our neighbor (Jerry) immediately after Deputy Osinski left and before Deputy Osinski returned with his bodyguard that afternoon. Jerry said: Deputy Osinski told him he came to the property because he was interested in buying the big house next door to us. Jerry went on to tell us that he believed that the realtor (Sgt. Robert Nye, Apache Junction Police Department) had put Deputy Osinski up to harassing my family over the medical marijuana.
These Deputies came to my residence with no knowledge of Arizona’s medical marijuana law or cultivation of cannabis. The fact that Deputy Osinski tried to convince my wife and I that our neighbor Jerry had “snitched me off” and covered up his association with Sgt. Robert Nye is very problematic.
This illegal raid on my family and property on July 10, 2012 goes back to my original complaint against Deputy Osinski, Raul Alvarado, P. Ramirez and the others listed on my August 4, 2006 complaint to Sheriff Chris Vasquez, Robert Carter Olson, Jerold Monahan, Sandie Smith and others.
This is not my family’s first encounter with Deputy Osinski or the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department. On August 1, 2006 Deputy Osinski raided my family residence with a SWAT team of Deputies and 4 County Vehicles. They got lost and stormed into my neighbor’s property and almost started World War III. Then they stormed into our home, ordered my son on the ground and Deputy Raul Alvarado brutally manhandled and terrified my daughter.
These heavily armed deputies listed in my complaint filed August 4, 2006 did everything humanly possible to force my unarmed family into a physical confrontation. As Deputy Raul Alvarado assaulted my daughter, Deputy Osinski and the other officers watched. Deputy Ramirez and Alvarado became so violently out of control we pleaded with Deputy Osinski to call for backup and a supervisor for everyone’s safety. Deputy Osinski smirked, smiled, and refused.
My daughter went into a deep depression over this for years and for good reasons. When she was 16 years old Pinal County Deputies stopped her, took her to Florence and male Deputies from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office strip searched her and made her bend over, squat, and cough as they watched. She has never been the same since that night.
I was serving an 8-year sentence in Federal Prison for a marijuana charge at that time. I was not told what happened until I was released. I ran for Vice President of the U.S. in 1996 while in the custody of the U.S. Department of Justice. We gained enough votes to have my name in the National Media and included in the National Archives of Presidential Candidates.
I felt guilty that local authorities may have targeted my daughter because of my religious and political beliefs. An investigation of this matter may discover that my family has been targeted out of retaliation for my outspoken nature and my family’s religious and political beliefs, as well as the property we own.
When the August 1, 2006 incident happened with Deputy Osinski and Deputy Raul Alvarado I filed a formal complaint with Sheriff Vasquez and other high level Pinal County Officials. This complaint was never resolved and it is just the tip of an out of control iceberg of outrageous behavior on the part of Pinal County Deputies, Sheriff Chris Vasquez, Robert Carter Olson, Sandie Smith, Jerald Monahan, Judge William O’Neil and others. My family has been targeted and emotionally tortured while these rogue public servants continue to climb the ladder of successful corruption in Arizona.
According to Deputy Osinski’s August 1, 2006 report (060801036) he stated his purpose for this heavy-handed raid was because the property owner’s feeble-minded grandmother reported a “VERBAL DISPUTE” with her grandson. Please note that Sgt. Ellis approved this report on “August 29, 2006”.
Officer Osinsky mentioned nothing about the violent and vicious assault on my son and daughter on August 1, 2006. (See report 060801036). Ultimately these complaints disappeared under the desk and guidance of Robert Carter Olsen.
If you read Deputy Osinski’s police report and compare that police report to my family’s complaints and the other police reports from August 4, 2006 to the present, you will see a documented criminal pattern.
I don’t know how many people have been falsely charged, convicted, battered, sexually assaulted, or killed by these deputies and covered up by Robert Carter Olson. However there is ample evidence that on August 1, 2006 from Deputy Osinski to Robert Carter Olson, Raul Alvarado was protected until Sheriff Babeu fired him for torturing a toad with a Taser in August of 2009.
The Arizona Republic covered Deputy Raul Alvarado’s toad frog torturing story and fell a little short of mentioning Robert Carter Olson’s name as the Pinal County Official that overturned Sheriff Paul Babeu’s decision to fire Raul the Toad Torturer. Please read this story about Deputy Raul Alvarado and try to imagine what my family went through on August 1, 2006:
My neighbors, the press, and several thousand Internet followers are aware of these incidents and complaints. I feel that the only thing Pinal County Officials fear is exposure and bad publicity. Everyone that lives near me is aware of my religious and medical use of cannabis for the past 40 years. Additionally, they are aware of how corrupt and dangerous these same Pinal County Deputies are.
I am requesting immediate and specific protection in an expedient and meaningful manner and an expedited investigation concerning these rogue deputies and high level Pinal County Officials. Additionally, I request meetings with Sheriff Paul Babeu and his internal affairs officer to address these problems with this long, ongoing, culture of corruption in Pinal County that has cost my family and our community so much.
I swear that everything I have stated in this complaint is true to the best of my knowledge and if I am called on to testify in this matter I will do so in good conscience.
Respectfully Submitted,
Arlin Troutt
Exhibit A… Pinal County Sheriff Chris Vasquez complaint form and August 1, 2006 complaint dated August 4, 2006 (5pgs.)
Exhibit B…Certified Mail Receipt for August 1, 2006 complaint dated August 4, 2006 to Sheriff Chris Vasquez and Internal Affairs of the Pinal County Sheriff Department and signed notice of receipt dated August 8, 2006. (1pg.)
Exhibit C… Deputy Osinski’s August 1, 2006 Incident Report #060801036 (3pgs)
Exhibit D… Response from Sheriff Vasquez and Internal Affairs and mailing envelope dated August 10, 2006. (2pgs.)
Exhibit E… Arizona Republic story of Sheriff Paul Babeu’s firing of Raul Alvarado for torturing a toad frog on duty and Robert Carter Olsen’s decision to overturn the Sheriff’s decision to fire Raul the Toad Torturer.
Rough Notes
On July 11, 2012 I called PCSO records department and requested the police report on the July 10, 2012 and was provided this incident number:120710119
On July 11/2012 I spoke with Debbie Lopez, Paul Babeu’s assistant at length about this problem and I provided her with the July 10, 2012 incident number (120710119) the records department provided me.
On July 12, 2012 I spoke to Debbie Lopez and provided here with Deputy Osinski’s incident report number from the August 1, 2006 incident. (#060801036)
I possess roughly 16 boxes of exhibits from Pinal County Superior Court that were entered into evidence in CV 2006-00063 in Judge O’Neil and Judge Robert Carter Olson’s “conflict of interest” courts.
Craig Anderson was the original reporter that handled the Stan Griffis city manager corruption story and that is where all of this really starts. I contacted Craig and reported this matter to the Arizona Republic for some form of protection from these Pinal County Deputies and real estate agents. I am assured By Craig Anderson that this matter will get investigated: J. Craig Anderson – Jul. … Reach the reporter at or 602-444-8681..