Mother Energy and Hemp: Part One by Rand Clifford

An all-pervasive energy is fundamental to the Cosmos. Not “empty”, vacuum space itself is an ocean of energy, the essence of nature. Tesla called this universal force, “Free energy”. Inventors who have also found the key have added the names: “Zero-point energy”; “Energy from the vacuum”; “Background energy”; “Radiant energy”; “Cosmic energy”; “Aether”…many others.
Tesla predicted that if we are ever allowed to use free energy…someday mankind will hook their machinery up to “the very wheelworks of nature”. Here the terms “Mother Energy” and “Free energy” are interchangeable.
Born of Mother Energy, hemp elegantly transforms sunlight and water into essentials of life on Earth—a regal powerhouse of the plant kingdom. Beyond that, certain relationships might not seem obvious, such as Mother Energy and hemp being artificially linked in ways that hinder humanity. Mother Energy and hemp offer extreme public benefits spanning the biosphere, potentially brightening the future of humanity. Alas, in regressive ways practiced and preached in the US above all, Mother Energy access and hemp farming are both suppressed for precisely the same reason: Protection of entrenched corporate profits.
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