Pot Smuggler, Advocate Robert Platshorn Starts Kickstarter for Ganja Documentary

By Rich Abdill
West Palm Beach activist (and convicted drug-runner) Robert Platshorn wants to get marijuana legalized, and he says the key to doing it is simple: old people.
He’s been traveling extensively and giving talks to senior citizens as part of his “Silver Tour,” which he launched in 2010 to reach out to powerful senior voting blocs — particularly Florida’s — in an effort to target a demographic that isn’t used to thinking about weed. But the live shows he’s been giving to audiences of all ages aren’t enough, he says, and he wants to expand into — get ready — infomercials.

Platshorn has teamed up with Miami producer Walter J. Collins to make a half-hour special he hopes to air hundreds of times in slots that are likely to serve him up some elderly eyes. It’s called “Should Grandma Smoke Pot,” and he’s raising the money to finish it on Kickstarter.
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