Former Flyer Riley Cote takes on another fight


Flyers fans will remember Riley Cote as the tattoo-covered heavyweight enforcer who would drop the gloves to protect a teammate. His last fight on the ice took place April 1, 2010, but look at Cote now, and he resembles nothing of the guy who could spar with the toughest men in the NHL.
The stress and pressure of his next fight created an unhealthy lifestyle and Cote was left looking for an alternative – not just professionally, but personally.
That next season, Cote joined the Adirondack Phantoms as an assistant coach, and in the process, he remarkably knocked off around 20 pounds from his bulky 6-foot-2 frame. He looked more equipped to run a 5k than serve five minutes for fighting.
“I wanted to change the way I was eating, change the way I was feeling,” Cote said. “It was an evolution for me. My version of health and fitness is completely different from my version today. I’ve tried every protein on the market and every vitamin to help my performance to being an athlete. That’s what athletes do. They try and find an edge and try to eat the right stuff. For me, a lot of things I use to eat, I don’t eat anymore. Plus now, I don’t have to train the way I did when I played because I’m not an athlete anymore. I’m just trying to pass on the knowledge I have to a player or two on our team to get them to eat the right way, trim up and be lean. Name of the game is speed and you have to be lean.”
Cote’s revolutionary health kick has also helped educate him on the uses of hemp, the world’s most perfect plant from seed to leaf, according to his website,
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