Mother Energy, Eternal Earth part 2

Written by Rand Clifford
US prohibition of hemp farming is a national catastrophe. Addiction to fossil energy is a global, ecological catastrophe. Both are peoples’ catastrophes; right up there with the consequences of hemp prohibition, and suppression of Mother Energy access, is the demonstrated disregard of humanity.
Nature is infinitely subtle. We are part of nature. Working against nature is working against us.
The ultimate question for mankind seems to be: If you are clever enough to exploit Earth’s fossil energy, are you wise enough not to destroy yourselves with it?
Sheer cleverness is obviously not our problem. A collective, nurtured and even enforced wisdom deficit leading to corporate profit becoming God, that seems our problem. Runaway focus on profit is a dead end.
Nikola Tesla was a very human being. Awareness and wisdom shining from Tesla’s mind was so brilliant he could only be targeted in a world destined to run on oil. His statements about science being but a perversion of itself unless its goal is the betterment of humanity…that, along with other noble demonstrations of his humanity put a big bull’s-eye on his back.
As much as Tesla gave us, and as much praise as he has attracted, a proportional derision hounds even his memory. Powers of corporate profit have failed to excise the memory of Tesla from public consciousness, and so, have fallen back on the next best thing: relentless disinformation, misinformation, misdirection and distraction.
Has one man ever offered so much to humanity? Has any man ever been suppressed in so many ways both subtle and overt? A main idea being pushed lately is that an electric car is named after Tesla—as though that’s one of his greatest achievements. Reliable information regarding what matters most about Tesla is disappearing.
It is generally agreed that on January 7, 1943, Tesla had an appointment to discuss with FDR the possibility of tapping Mother Energy—of mankind hooking its machines up to “…the very wheelworks of nature.” Limitless, clean and natural energy (Tesla used the term, “Free energy”).
He missed his appointment with FDR. Tesla was found dead of “natural causes”.
Evidence suggesting that Tesla was murdered includes the FBI being right on the scene to confiscate all of Tesla’s possessions. Papers, notebooks—everything involving his research remains locked down. And for reasons of “national security”, the coroner’s report is also ultra classified because it reveals that Tesla did not die of natural causes.
Parallels between malign powers attacking Tesla, and those responsible for prohibition of hemp farming since 1937—the parallels are astonishing, yet predictable. Access to Mother Energy, the force that energizes the universe, and freedom regarding hemp in all its life-promoting glory…seems hard to imagine two things of greater public benefit, or two things more threatening to the profit status quo.
Today, hemp threatens entrenched profits of even more industries than in the summer of 1937, when congress was being asked to essentially outlaw a drug they knew nothing about.
That summer, congressman Snell asked congressman Rayburn, regarding the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act, “What is this bill about?”
“It has something to do with something called marijuana,” replied congressman Rayburn. “I believe it is a narcotic of some kind.”
Of course the real issue was non-drug industrial hemp. Marijuana and the whole “reefer madness” shame was a ruse to protect profits of industries such as timber, paper, petroleum, cotton…a fact substantiated by “medical marijuana” opening broader decriminalization of marijuana. Get ready for even greater shame when marijuana is legal, but hemp farming is not.
Biotech is a new industry threatened by hemp that is gaining immense and hazardous control over not just our food supply. Biotech’s ultimate thug is a beast that has grown to own the designation of “Most Evil Corporation in the World”: Monsanto.
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