Australia – Regulate cannabis use – new report

Regulate cannabis use- new report
Regulating cannabis use could be the way forward because of the ‘colossal failure’ of the war on drugs, a report says.
The report suggests the establishment of hard-to-get, easy-to-lose licences for the cultivation, wholesale and retail supply of cannabis, including for medicinal use.
Plain packets of the drug would feature warning labels with all advertising and political donations from cannabis companies banned.
The Australia 21 Alternatives to Prohibition report, released on Sunday, is the result of a roundtable in July of 22 experts and young people, canvassing new approaches to drug policy.
Among the report’s authors is the University of Melbourne’s former dean of medicine David Penington, who has proposed decriminalisation for possession and use of cannabis and ecstasy for people 16 and over.
Users would be recorded on a national register and could purchase cannabis from an approved government supplier in regulated amounts.
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