How To Get Your Candidate To Support Cannabis Reform

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Not Greg Walden

Putting Pressure On Political Candidates Is Very Important For Marijuana Reform

This year has been monumental for political candidates coming out with favorable stances regarding progressive cannabis law reform around the country. I was at a double fundraiser recently for Oregon’s current Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum and current Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian. After talking with Mr. Avakian for a few minutes I quickly realized how big of an asset he is to the medical cannabis community here in Oregon.
I quickly found out that Brad not only supports Oregons the medical marijuana program, but he has been fighting to protect patients from discrimination for having a medical marijuana card for more than 15 years as a civil rights attorney. (I should mention this kind of information is not hard to find, a simple Google search allows you to start connecting the dots as to why a candidate should endorse legalization. You don’t have to have majored in public policy or political science to make the connections.) In an interview with the Daily Emerald regarding an unfortunate Oregon Supreme Court decision allowing employers to fire medical marijuana patients, Mr. Avakian stated, “As Oregonians, we have always believed strongly in our ability to determine the right public policy within our own borders…That makes today’s decision all the more troubling, because it so seriously undercuts the law that Oregonians put in place, by initiative petition, in 1998.”
In that same article, long-time Oregon cannabis activist John Sajo said, “Just because the Supreme Court gave (employers) the right to fire doesn’t mean employers are going to fire productive workers. We do think this a very unfortunate decision — it ignores state rights, ignores the voters and allows discrimination against patients who find marijuana to be the most effective medicine for treating their ailment.” This isn’t just an issue about marijuana, it’s about civil liberties inside and outside the workplace and Brad Avakian is willing to acknowledge that and stand with the will of the voters.
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