New Zealand Police: Brutalising the Sick

On Wednesday, 57-year-old Levin man Billy McKee was found guilty in the Palmerston North District Court on four charges of selling cannabis and one of cultivation.
Libertarianz Spokesman on Drugs, Dr. Richard Goode, described it as a day of shame for the New Zealand police and their political masters in the Beehive.
“The job of the police is to prosecute criminals, not to persecute amputees. McKee lost a leg below the knee when a drunk driver deliberately rammed his motorbike decades ago. Since then, he has suffered constant pain from nerve damage to the stump. Now he uses medicinal cannabis – it’s the only thing that works.”
Goode quotes McKee: “If I could get medication from my doctor that worked for me then I’d just use it … but the medication I get from the doctor makes me really, really sick.”
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