Arkansas – Group Plans to Fight Council’s Repeal of Marijuana Ordinance

By: April Hansen

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Monday night, City Council voted 7-2 to repeal a marijuana ordinance it had passed the previous month.
After months of collecting signatures and rewrites, supporters of the marijuana ordinance say they’re disappointed.
Those in opposition of the vote have an option to take legal action or pursue a referendum, and that’s what they plan to do.
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The group Springfield Cannabis Regulation says Council violated the City Charter, in which it states voters, “shall have power to propose any ordinance, except an ordinance appropriating money and to adopt or reject the same at the polls, such power being known as the initiative.”
Group president Maranda Reynolds issued a statement: “When the council is presented with an initiative petition, they have two options: Pass the proposal into law or send it to the voters…The initiative process exists to allow voters to enact their will into law over the objections of the council, but these tactics render that process meaningless.
“We are exploring our options for holding these elected officials accountable, including litigation, a referendum, and recalling certain council members. This action by the Council makes a mockery of the City Charter’s initiative process. By using this political dirty trick, the Council can deprive citizens of the chance to vote on any initiative which the Council majority dislikes.”
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