A ‘sword in the side of prohibition’

Maxwell Kusi Obodum

Life-changing: Multiple Sclerosis sufferer Clark French shows a note from a US doctor authorising the drug for his condition
A HEALTH campaigner who uses cannabis to ease the crippling pains of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) found himself on a national stage this week when he starred in a mini-documentary aired on Channel 4.
Clark French from Lower Earley claims his appearance on 4thought.tv on Tuesday night will prove a “springboard” in his campaign for the drug to be legalised in Britain for medicinal use.
The 26-year-old from Sutcliffe Avenue, who triggered a fierce debate on the Chronicle’s website last month when we exclusively revealed how his campaign was sparked by a three-month trip to California where the drug is available for medicinal use, said after the programme: “It’s really exciting. I hope to use this to get my story out there and use it as a springboard for more media attention. My whole Facebook wall has exploded with comments and with people congratulating me.
“It solidifies my belief that I have a valid argument and I plan to be a sword in the side of prohibition.”
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