Hemp on stage at Farm Aid 2012 in Hershey PA

Willie Nelson brought activist John Trudell to the stage just before his signature closing set.
Trudell, a Native American, brought his appeal for hemp farming in the USA:
“As a person of the land and as a human being I relate to farmers as being people of the land. With all of the problems that we are confronted with and are faced with…I would like you all to consider learning the realities of industrial hemp.”

John Trudell (center), Lucas Nelson (right)
The crowd cheered and Trudell added:
“The economic and environmental realities of industrial hemp; teach it to the young. Have your organizations and the people who represent you; and take it upon yourself, to learn the realities of industrial hemp  It will save the family farm. [Hemp] will give the young farmer a future. It’s a part of American history. It’s always been here… And in the next election 2016… Vote Hemp!”
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