Medical marijuana fees put patients on fixed incomes in bind

By Kristina Nelson KVAL News

EUGENE, Ore. – Elvy Musikka relies on medical marijuana to get through her day.
The 73-year-old Eugene grandmother joined Oregon’s medical marijuana program in 2005 to treat her glaucoma.
Musikka also receives medical marijuana from the federal government as part of a now discontinued research program created in 1978.
But she said that medicine is so old it’s no good.
“In other words, it probably would have been very nice as hemp for wearing but it obviously was no medicine for glaucoma,” she said. “I cannot work with 11-year old garbage.”
Fresher marijuana under Oregon’s program filled the gap.
“I was getting 3 pounds from the State of Oregon and what I was doing was mixing it up,” said Musikka from her home in South Eugene.
Last October, the state imposed new fees on medical marijuana card holders. The new fees doubled the annual cost of getting a medical marijuana card to $200. It also imposed grower fees of $50 and, if patients switch growers or change the address where it’s grown, the state charges an additional $100.
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