More Medical Marijuana, Please


Medical marijuana has been an incredibly controversial topic for years. Many government officials believe that because marijuana is perceived as addictive, it should stay illegal in the U.S.
On Nov. 6, Arkansans will be able to vote on Issue Five, otherwise known as the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Question, to ultimately decide if Arkansas should legalize marijuana for medical use.
Whether or not you personally would benefit from medical marijuana, it is an important decision to make nonetheless.
If Arkansas legalizes marijuana, the national government would be one step closer to saving up to $13.7 billion per year by not having to enforce the current prohibition on the drug and adding a tax at the rates similar to alcohol and tobacco, according to the Huffington Post.
More than 300 economists have signed the petition to call these startling facts to attention. The economic benefits of medical marijuana legalization have pushed the government and the citizens alike to take another look at the problem.
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