Montana voters to decide fate of medical marijuana restrictions

HELENA – Since Lori Burnam’s medical marijuana supply dried up, her weight has dropped from 74 to 69 pounds and her glaucoma has worsened to the point where she has undergone emergency treatment to relieve the pressure on her eyes.
The marijuana had kept the glaucoma in check for the 66-year-old Hamilton resident with lung cancer. It helped her appetite and stopped her nausea. But her supply has been rationed for much of this year because of the uncertainty brought by a restrictive medical marijuana law and the back-and-forth court rulings dealing with it.
The fate of that law is now in the hands of voters, who will be asked Tuesday to ratify or repeal the new restrictions. Their decision may determine how Burnam lives out her last days, she said.
“They’ll write me out morphine and Oxycontin (prescriptions), but I don’t want to be a zombie,” Burnam said. “There will be a point of time where I will be like that, but now I want to enjoy the time I have left.”
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