2 Indiana lawmakers consider pot decriminalization

CHARLES WILSON, Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana is a long way from considering legalizing recreational marijuana as Colorado and Washington did this week, but key lawmakers from both parties plan to introduce measures next year that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of the drug.
Democratic state Sen. Karen Tallian of Portage said Friday that she will again introduce a bill that would decriminalize possession of up to three ounces — about 85 grams — of marijuana. The bill received a Senate hearing this year but was not brought up for a vote. Tallian, however, said attitudes are changing even among her fellow lawmakers.
“Two or three years ago when I started talking about that it was, ‘You’re crazy,'” she said. “Now, it’s like: ‘I’m all right with that.’ I’ve gotten that from a lot of people. ‘I wouldn’t put my name on it but I’ll support you.'”
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