Clark County, Washington to drop marijuana cases due to new law

By FOX 12 Webstaff – email
Washington voters approved an initiative to legalize marijuana and it’s going to get some drug possession suspects off the hook.
Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik said Friday that all misdemeanor marijuana charges involving suspects at least 21 years old will be dropped in the county.
The cases will be dropped when the new law is scheduled to take effect Dec. 6.
Clark County is following the lead of King County, where lawmakers announced 175 such cases would be called off.
The cases that will be canceled involve the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Charges against suspects under the age of 21 will still go forward, because the new law does not apply to them.
Initiative 502 passed 55 percent to 44 percent on Election Day.
Under the law, adults 21 years and older would be allowed to have up to an ounce of marijuana starting on Dec. 6, but you still aren’t allowed to light up in public.
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