Marijuana Activist Joe Grumbine Thrown In Jail At Court Hearing

By Steve Elliott

Cheri Sicard/Facebook
Joe Grumbine — who has fought so hard for the right of California medical marijuana patients to safely access their medicine — has been thrown back in jail

California medical marijuana defendant and activist Joe Grumbine was put in handcuffs and hauled off to jail at what was supposed to be a short scheduling hearing in court on Tuesday.

According to Cheri Sicard, who works with The Human Solution, a medical marijuana patient advocacy/court support group formed by Grumbine, the prosecutor brought up a traffic stop that happened in Riverside, Calif., a few months ago.
Cannabis Cheri/Facebook
Grumbine had cannabis in his possession — an amount he is legally allowed to have as a patient — according to Cheri Sicard, above, a fellow member of advocacy/court support group The Human Solution
Grumbine had cannabis in his possession (an amount he is legally allowed to have as a patient), according to Sicard.
Judge Arthur Jean promptly rejected Grumbine’s current bail, then upped it to $250,000 — more than Riverside County recommends for child molesters, kidnappers and rapists — and remanded him into custody.
Grumbine’s legal battle began when he and Joe Byron were arrested for operating a medical cannabis dispensary in Southern California. The case attracted worldwide attention — make that horror and disbelief — for judicial and jury misconduct and prejudice.
The first trial was so flagrantly bad that Long Beach Superior Court Judge Joan Comparet-Cassani granted a motion for a new trial.
“This was a terrible, terrible trial,” Judge Comparet-Cassani said. “I read the transcript and I am appalled.”
The judge also said she was “speechless” at the judicial and jury misconduct, adding that the misconduct started at the preliminary hearing and “continued throughout the trial.”
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