Cash Hyde – Rest in peace, little man. The fight is over.

Submitted by Melissa Luck, Executive News Producer
Rest in peace, little man. The fight is over.
His life was a battle against an evil force. For so much of his four years and five months on earth, Cash Michael Hyde fought a brain tumor that wouldn’t quit. By medical standards, Cashy probably should not have survived the initial tumor that hit when he was barely more than a year old. But, he did. And, he kept fighting. And, tonight at 10:13 pm in his hometown of Missoula, Montana, that tumor finally won.
I met Cashy in early April 2011. I had heard about his story from mutual friends in Montana and knew I had to share it. Cashy had just beat Stage 4 brain cancer – and, mid-way through his treatment, his parents began giving him cannabis oil to ease the side effects of the treatment. They called it a miracle drug and it was easy to see why. Cannabis helped give them back their son. I knew it was a good story to tell, especially in light of the medical marijuana debate that was raging in Washington at the time (the feds raided medical marijuana dispensaries the same day our story aired.) I didn’t know I would fall in love with the little boy.
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