Valley Voice: Medical marijuana users are not your average stoners

Written by Ben McCall

Ben McCall
I have a marijuana plant growing nicely in my office. I purchased it from the marijuana dispensary across the street from my senior community. I’ve never bothered with marijuana before. Tried it once in college and decided back then that a cold beer was a better deal. But time and glaucoma have finally taken its toll.
I got the idea of trying medical marijuana from a neighbor who gave me the name of an doctor that would issue the proper legalizing paperwork.
My neighbor is a sparkling petite woman of 80, full of energy and enthusiasm for life. “I used to take seven prescription drugs every day, but gave them all up for my grass cookie,” she chirped enthusiastically when I inquired about her obvious well-being. “I was always tired and listless, even taking drugs to counteract the side-effects of other drugs. Now I feel wonderful.” I doubted her doctor would approve, but her vivaciousness confirmed something positive was on her side of life.
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