Juvenile Crime at All-Time Low, Leaving Empty Beds at Juvenile Hall

By Sawsan Morrar

Recent data from the Criminal Justice Statistics Center reported that California is seeing its lowest number of juvenile arrests in nearly 50 years.
Juvenile arrests fell roughly 20 percent overall from 2010 to 2011. About 150,000 youth were arrested last year, making it the lowest annual rate since state records were kept in 1957.
Sacramento County Juvenile Hall is witnessing this same decline in arrests.
The area detention center currently houses approximately 180 youth. Their current capacity is 225, which dropped due to budget cuts.
“We haven’t seen this low of a number since 1970,” Sacramento County Chief Probation Officer Don Meyer said. “We now get an average of seven [juveniles] a day, and that’s come down from 20 a day.”
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