Building Tractor Parts From Flax & Hemp

Written by Kelvin Heppner
machines versatile 550 side dec052012
Within a few years, farmers could be operating tractors partially made from the crops they are grow.
The Composites Innovation Centre in Winnipeg is working with Buhler Industries – the manufacturer of Versatile tractors – to research the use of flax and hemp fibres in tractor hoods, shields and cabs.
Dr. Simon Potter, Sector Manager for Product Innovation at the CIC, explains the project will culminate in about a year with the creation of a prototype made with flax or hemp fibre.
“You’ll actually see trial Buhler tractor being tested around the world. They are talking about testing it in places as far flung as Russia,” he says.
He says the partnership with Buhler represents the centre’s first major foray into composites for agriculture.
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