End of an Outlaw Era: Legalized Marijuana

I paid no attention to the text. I just saw on the ballot something about approving marijuana use. Assuming it meant medical marijuana, I voted for it, muttering to myself that I thought medical marijuana was already the law in the state of Washington. Oh, well, I thought, probably just a backup law for when they knocked the other one out-of-the-way.
So imagine my surprise when watching CNN on election night I learned that not only would I never have to say the words, “President Romney,” but, like most people in Washington, I’d also just voted to legalize marijuana. “What!?” I cried out to the TV screen, “How’d that happen?” while my teenage daughter muttered something about what a travesty it was to give me the right to vote if I didn’t have sense enough to know what for.
At long last, after 75 years, the plant was finally legal. Oops. Scratch that. The plant remains illegal. The processed elements of the plant are legal, but the plant in its natural state remains against the law. (Why can’t we outlaw dandelions and kudzu while we’re at it? I mean, really, if a species can be banned, why don’t we go after the ones that truly cause us anguish?)
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