Free Eddy Lepp!

From the Desk of Ms. Heidi Grossman
December 20th, 2012
Re: Charles Edward “Eddy” Lepp, Inmate #90157-011 ~ Case# CR 04-317 WHA
Dear 420 Community Members:
My name is Heidi Grossman and I am writing on behalf of Charles Edward “Eddy” Lepp. If you don t know who Eddy is I highly encourage you to please Google him. Eddy is a Hero to all of us in the 420 Community and his story is much too long for this request.
This is a very important and time sensitive matter regarding help for Eddy s early release or possibility of a new trial. Eddy filed a 2255 motion on November 8th, 2012 which was previously in Judge Marilyn Patels courtroom. She has graciously retired and Eddy s case has been transferred to Judge William Alsup. Alsup is already a hero to many of us. On Sep. 8th, 2009 he ruled federal officials may not interfere with the freedom of California doctors and patients to discuss the potential medical benefits of marijuana, or of doctors to recommend its therapeutic use, under the terms of a state ballot initiative approved by voters in 1996. In doing so, Alsup expanded a previous injunction that prevented the government from revoking a doctor’s license to prescribe medicine and made it permanent. YAY Prop. 215!!
Eddy s case could be another Landmark ruling by Alsup in our history of prohibition. As of now, the Fed’s have 60 days to reply to Eddy’s 2255 motion. Eddy will then have 30 days to respond and Judge Alsup will make his ruling. Please help Eddy by writing a letter TODAY!! In your letter Eddy requests we ask for one of three things: 1. PLEASE FREE EDDY LEPP, 2. Please set aside his conviction and re-sentence Eddy for time served, or, 3. Grant him a new trial that is fair and just with the facts and the whole truth. Please also let the Judge know how much we LOVE and want our hero and freedom fighter of what is right home!
Here is the court address:
Honorable Judge William Alsup
United States District Judge
San Francisco Courthouse, Courtroom 8 – 19th Floor
45o Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 91402
Sadly, Eddy is short on money and representing himself in this matter. Please send him a letter or put your donations directly on his books through Moneygram or Western Union. The easiest way isĀ You will need this information: Charles Edward Lepp, Inmate #90157-011, FCI La Tuna, Federal Satelite Low, PO Box 6000, Anthony, Texas 88021.
Eddy is one of the wisest, most appreciative and loving men that I know and I hope you will all join me in this fight for him, for our community and for what is right. If you have any questions please email me anytime and I will get back to you! If you would like to read the letter I wrote here is the link:
Thank you so much for your time and generosity and being a soldier of Love! Cannabis Can!! Respect All, Hurt None, Love One Another~ Rev. Eddy Lepp.
One Love,
Heidi Grossman