‘Cannabis-friendly’ coffee and tea shop opens in Lafayette

By Brittany Anas

Bongo Love, of Lafayette, takes a hit of marijuana from a vaporizer while sitting next to Kyrie Wozab, of Louisville, on Wednesday at the Hive Co-Op. (JEREMY PAPASSO)
By day, The Front Tea & Art Shop sells papier-mache piggy banks, handmade flutes and elaborate carvings alongside tea leaves and hemp coffee.
By night, the eclectic cottage at the corner of S. Public Road and Cleveland Street becomes the Hive Co-Op, billed as Colorado’s first cannabis-friendly coffee and tea shop, where customers can gather to smoke pot or use vaporizers.
The co-op is BYOC: bring your own cannabis. There’s a 1-ounce limit, $5 cover charge and 21-years-of-age requirement with a valid ID. Oh, and a point of decorum — former Lafayette dispensary owner Veronica Carpio, who runs the place, prefers the word “cannabis” over “marijuana.”
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