County Seizes Mother’s Children, Now Her Car — Because She’s A Medical Marijuana Patient

Daisy Bram, a California mother whose children were seized in Butte County last year because of a medical marijuana grow at her home, has now had her three children taken from her by Tehama County officials, and even had her vehicle seized.
When Bram arrived for an appearance in Family Court on Tuesday, officers blocked her 2002 Ford Explorer in the parking lot and told her they were seizing it because “it had been purchased with drug proceeds.”
They have now left the young mother without transportation, while her children are in foster care. In addition, she has been criminally charged in Tehama County.
The three children, who were healthy when they were taken from their mother, now all have bronchitis and are sick, according to Cheri Sicard of the NORML Women’s Alliance, who said she spoke to Bram on Wednesday afternoon.
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