Industrial Hemp Cooperative Gets First Corporate Member

Lexington, KY – Patriot Bio Energy recently became the first corporate member of the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association, and the company aims to prove that industrial hemp is useful for the coal fields of Kentucky.
Roger Ford, CEO of Patriot, said that by mixing the woody stalk of hemp with coal, polluting emissions can be reduced while maintaining a high Btu value, the measure of heat that drives energy production at coal-fired power plants. There’s also the role industrial hemp crops could play in reclamation of mined coal fields while boosting the region’s economy with manufacturing opportunities. Hemp has a diverse portfolio of products, including paper, fiberboard, horse-bedding, textiles, paint, fuel, and more.
“I have 50 pounds of hemp horse-bedding in storage,” said Ford. The horse bedding came from north of the border where industrial hemp is a legal crop for Canadian farmers.
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