Hawaii State Senators: Feds Violating Christie’s Constitutional Rights

A group of Hawaii State Senators introduced a resolution Monday asking President Obama to investigate the conduct of federal law enforcement authorities prosecuting Hilo Minister, Rev. Roger Christie.Christie has been held at the Honolulu Federal Detention Center on marijuana charges for nearly 3 years without trial.  Federal authorities maintain Christie — an avowed pacifist — represents a “danger to the community.”
Hawaii Senate Resolution No. 12 says that, “we believe the treatment of Reverend Roger Christie by the Federal authorities to be illegal and unconstitutional;”
S.R. No. 12 also comes close to accusing federal authorities of retaliation for Christie’s role in ending “Operation Green Harvest“, a federal marijuana eradication program, and for his efforts to pass the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Ordinance on the Big Island in 2008.
“Reverend Christie’s political activities have caused annoyance and embarrassment to the Federal Government leading some Hawaii residents to suggest that his denial of bail is based on his prior political acts rather than any ‘danger” he poses.”
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