Why Country Music Stars Should Join the Marijuana Majority

Jamie Haase

Former Special Agent, Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
On average, HuffPost readers probably aren’t the biggest aficionados of country music. Still, many readers here understand the need for establishing responsible marijuana policy. When it comes to reversing archaic pot prohibition laws across the United States, the most regressive region is the same place where country music prevails most predominantly. In my opinion, one of the main ingredients still needed for successful marijuana reform in the South is public support by prominent country artists.
Surely Willie Nelson comes to mind for many people when the words “country music” and “marijuana” are mentioned together. Yet Willie has many younger allies these days as a new generation of “outlaw” artists are brazenly singing about pot. Though most haven’t been as open about legalization as Willie, lyrics about marijuana are craftily blended into many of their songs. The likes of Zac Brown, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Randy Houser and Jamey Johnson come to mind to name just a few.
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