Tech Workers Fuel San Jose Medical Marijuana Scene, Employers Give Up on Drug Screening

By Chris Roberts
Hand in hand
It was only a few years ago that spooked-out city leaders in San Jose declared that medical marijuana dispensaries had taken over their town. Today, there are still more than 100 dispensaries in the South Bay city, many more than are in San Francisco and the East Bay combined. And they’re thriving, with no small thanks to the ever-burgeoning technology industry.
Dispensaries big and small do fine business within smoking distance of some of high-tech’s biggest names, Bloomberg Businessweek reported. And while most firms have strict policies against drug use — all drug use — coders with cramped wrists make up to 40 percent of some dispensaries’ patient bases. Maybe that’s why the likes of Adobe, Cisco. and others have given up on pre-employment drug screening — it’s too hard to find someone who is clean.
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