Florida Could Be Overrun By Pot Smoking Grandmas and Grandpas

Andrew Ian Dodge
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Will Florida be the next state to legalize medical marijuana? Will it follow states like Colorado in making it easier for citizens to access marijuana for medical needs? A bill in the Florida legislature is trying to do just that. And there is man running for governor of the state who wants to make sure that chronically ill patients can get medical cannabis without living in fear of arrest by the police.
The bill is named for a strong medical marijuana supporter whose home was raided by the police a few days after testifying in support of the bill. Below are some details of the proposed bill:
“Florida State Senator Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, introduced the bill last week. It’s called the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, SB 1250. Representatives from Clemens office said if passed it would mean you can smoke marijuana if you’ve been medically diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition including epilepsy, chronic back pain, depression, multiple sclerosis, among other medical conditions.”
Cathy Jordan suffers from Lou Gehrig’s Disease and uses cannabis to alleviate some of her pain. Obviously the raid on her premises was a way of intimidating her and her husband from publicly supporting the bill. Her husband is a disabled Vietnam vet. The law enforcement community is wheeling out their consistent opposition to legalization of cannabis for medical use, citing “no proof” of its benefits.
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