Are Colorado Drivers Being ‘Pot-Profiled’ Elsewhere?

Highway trooper writing ticket
While marijuana is legal in Colorado, it’s clearly not in Nebraska, where cops are reportedly enforcing that state’s laws by profiling drivers with Colorado license plates.

Cops Tell Dad What’s Up

One family – a father and his three kids – spent two hours waiting while cops in Douglas County, Neb., searched their Colorado-plated car after pulling them over for going two mph over the speed limit.
“When we see a nice vehicle with Colorado tags, it instantly makes us start watching you,” the state trooper reportedly told the dad. “And then we noticed how young you looked, which was another red flag. You were ultimately speeding, which is why you were stopped, and those circumstantial facts are why we obtained permission from you to search.”
The dad also reported that other “Omaha city cops” told him “when they have a slow night or they are training new officers, Colorado tags are almost always an instant, usually drug-related ticket of some sort.”
You’ve heard of racial profiling. Welcome to pot profiling.
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