New York state assemblyman who voted against legalizing medical marijuana is arrested for pot possession

Katz represents the Hudson Valley in New York and voted against legalizing medical marijuana
Maybe he’s mellowed out.
According to The New York Post, Steve Katz, a Republican state assemblyman from Yorktown, New York was arrested on pot possession yesterday despite the fact that last year he voted against legalizing medical marijuana.
A former veterinarian, Katz was pulled over Thursday morning for driving fifteen miles over the speed limit near Coeymans, New York.
The state trooper who stopped Katz noticed the smell of marijuana.
According to the New York state police, Katz was not disruptive.
Spokeswoman Darcy Wells told the media that Katz ‘was cooperative and handed the trooper a bag of marijuana.’
The assemblyman was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and is due in court later this month.
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